Patu Parāoa - NZ Whale Bone Hand Club

Sands Carving Studio


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This Patu Parāoa - NZ Whale Bone Hand Club has been hand-carved from whale bone and features a muka coloured braided wrist tau (cord), grooved designs and sits on a native timber base with brass fittings.

Measures approximately 370 X 85 X 15 mm.

The term 'patu' means to strike, hit or subdue in Maori. This Patu Parāoa was a pre-European clear club made of whale bone. It was used by Maori warriors to hit their opponents’ shoulder in hopes that it will break or dislocate, causing them to drop their weapon which would ,in turn, leave the head vulnerable to strike.

Patu were regarded as symbols of chieftanship and passed down as heirlooms.

This piece was hand carved by Alex Sands

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