Swamp Kauri Paraoa Kowhaiwhai Sculpture: Matakite Wheku with Unuanahi Patterns - Sands Signature

Sands Signature


This Paraoa Tiki Sculpture boasts a Swamp Kauri Base and measures 190 x 370 x 22mm, meticulously carved by Alex Sands. Adorned with a whalebone vertebrae carving and a pounamu Wheku (mask) at its center, it showcases intricate unuanahi patterns.

The Wheku features three paua shell eyes, one of which is the matakite or third eye, symbolizing the sixth sense and signifying Mauri. Mauri, originating at the tip of the nose, extends upwards to the center of the forehead, and descends to the bottom of the tiki tiki, representing a profound connection to the spiritual world.

In Māori culture, the matakite embodies intuition, foresight, and the ability to perceive beyond the physical realm. It guides the wearer or observer on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment, infusing the sculpture with profound significance, depth, and spiritual resonance, inviting contemplation and reflection.