Limited Edition Bronze Hei Tiki Sculpture with a Whale Vertebrae and Kauri Base - Sands Signature

Sands Signature


Introducing the Limited Edition Bronze Hei Tiki Sculpture, meticulously handcrafted by Alex Sands. The hei tiki measures 14.1 cm x 8 cm, including the base it is roughly 33 x 15 cm. Hei tiki, worn by Māori, symbolize the form of the first human and serve as revered gifts, representing ornaments of honor and status.

Crafted from bronze, this Hei Tiki Sculpture is a limited edition, with only 25 pieces made. Originally carved in Pounamu (NZ Nephrite), it embodies the cultural significance of the Hei Tiki. This sculpture stands as a timeless symbol of tradition and prestige, with this particular piece being number 8 in the limited edition series.