Kawakawa Hei Tiki - Pounamu Tiki Pendant

Sands Carving Studio


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This outstanding and incredibly unique taonga is engraved with unaunahi, inlaid and bound with ridgeknot binding to represent its hair. A feature not common on Hei Tiki.

This piece also features three paua shell eyes, one of which is the matakite or third eye, symbolizing the sixth sense and signifying Mauri. Mauri, originating at the tip of the nose, extends upwards to the center of the forehead, and descends to the bottom of the tiki tiki, representing a profound connection to the spiritual world.

The unique streak of colour (raukaraka) extends from the kanohi (head) to the puku (stomach). Two very important parts of the tinana (body) in Te Ao Maori.

Hei tiki represent the form of the first human, worn by Māori they are a prestigious gift. Hei tiki are a remembrance of Tupuna (ancestors) that guide us forward. Hei tiki can be seen as ornaments of honour and status. 


This piece was carved by Alex Sands and measures 86 x 68mm.

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Type: Hei Tiki