Tarapu Aotea Hei Tiki - Striped Aotea Stone Hei Tiki

Sands Carving Studio


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Aotea stone hei tiki carved by Alex Sands. Aotea stone is made up of green Fuschite, blue Kyanite and white Quartz, no two pieces are ever the same and is a rare blue stone only found in South Westland New Zealand. 

Hei tiki represent the form of the first human, worn by Māori they are a prestigious gift. Hei tiki are a remembrance of Tupuna (ancestors) that guide us forward. Hei tiki can be seen as ornaments of honor and status.

This piece measures 11 x 4.5 cm and is hung by an adjustable hand-plaited black wax fibre cord. It was carved by Alex Sands