Binding - French Hitch Whipping

Sands Carving Studio


Bind your taonga with a French Hitch Whipping.  French Whipping is very similar to whipping but it differs in that each wrap around the rope is done with a half hitch instead of simply wrapping around the rope. This results in an attractive design of the half hitch knots within the whipping.

If you are outside of the Hamilton service area, please courier your item to 


Sands Carving Studio

202 Seddon Road Mareoa, Waikato, Hamilton

3200, New Zealand

You can also send a self addressed parcel bag/box, or alternatively- we can use our courier service and send an invoice via email for shipping upon completion. 

If you are located internationally, we courier the item to you via DHL. 

If you are in the Hamilton service area, you are free to come by anytime Monday-Friday 9 am to 5 pm at the address listed above to drop off your taonga for any of our services.

Binding services are on a first come, first serve basis and same day binding is not always guaranteed. Shipping times will vary based on location. Feel free to email us at with any questions or inquiries about your order.

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