Pounamu Mere - New Zealand Jade War Club

Sands Carving Studio


This Pounamu Mere - New Zealand Jade War Club has been carved with beautiful pounamu and and features a muka coloured braided wrist tau (cord) and sits on a native timber base with brass fittings.

This collectible piece has been hand-carved and polished by Yuki Tanaka and measures approximately 35 x 10 cm. 

Mere pounamu were highly-prized taonga (heirlooms) handed down from one generation to the next. To possess a mere signified the status and mana (authority) of those who would wield it. Historically, mere were often used in ceremony or on occasion as a gift to settle grievances. 

Collections: Traditional Carving, Weapons All, Yuki Tanaka

Category: Alex, club, implements, mere, weapon

Type: Mere