Large Flower Jade Hei Toki - Large NZ Jade Adze Pendant

Sands Carving Studio


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In the ancient Māori world, the Toki or adze was a vital tool in everyday life. Toki have come to represent the strength and skill of an individual, and the acquisition of knowledge and mana (prestige). 

This stunning flower jade pendant necklace is named after the blossom of a Karaka tree. It is found exclusively in the Marsden Valley on the west coast of the South Island, NZ.  Flower Jade is a highly prized stone. It boasts green hues with contrasting inclusions of yellow and orange.

Our pendants are individually crafted in our Hamilton studio, ensuring every piece is unique. 

It is hung by an adjustable hand platted cord and roughly measures 15 cms long and 5 cms wide.