Aotea Adze- Aotea Stone Toki Pendant



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This Toki has beautiful layers of blue, green and white.  It is hung by an adjustable black hand platted cord and hand carved by Samuel Potter.

This piece measures: 5.2 x 3 cm

This Aotea Stone Toki is carved from the beautiful Aotea stone, a rarity found only in one area of South Westland, NZ.  Also known as 'Hine', this stone is a blend of Kyanite (blue), Fuchsite (green) and Quartz (white) and can often have a glittery appearance. 

In the ancient Māori world, the Toki or adze was a vital tool in everyday life. Toki have come to represent the strength and skill of an individual, and the acquisition of knowledge and mana (prestige).