We offer many services to ensure your taonga will last generations. You can visit the studio or email us for service requests.

Broken Taonga

Broken or split pieces can only be fixed if the thickness is greater than 5mm. The cost will be around the $120 mark depending on how much work is needed. 

There are a few options to repair broken or chipped pieces:

Secure two pieces together with metal pins and glue.

Replace part of the stone or bone with a similar or matching piece that is shaped and used as a pin to connect both pieces.

Re-shape broken pieces into new designs, forming new shapes.


$25 - Slip Knot 

$45 - Full Bind (Standard Size)

full bind standard size

Cord Replacement

Pounamu stones to be sharpened for pito tie cutters with wooden blocks

$35 for sharpening and a block 

Holes Drilled Into Stone

$5 per hole

Bracelet Binding

$25 for bracelet binding