Taiaha Upoko Aero Oka - Maori Head and Tongue Dagger Pendant

Sands Carving Studio


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The Taiaha is a traditional weapon of the Maori of New Zealand and a chiefs weapon of authority.

This pendant features the 'upoko‘ (head) which is carved from whale bone and the eyes are made from pounamu. It forms the part of the Tahiaha used for stabbing the opponent and parrying. It's eyes are inlaid with paua shell and hung by a tan wax cord.

To Māori, weapons were more than just implements of warfare — they were taonga (treasures), and handed down as precious heirlooms from generation to generation. 

*Please note, we do not ship whale bone outside of NZ*

This piece was hand carved by Alex Sands and measures 208 x 39 x 7mm.