Poi Āwhiowhio - Maori Whistling Gourd

Sands Carving Studio


This Poi Āwhiowhio  - Maori Whistling Gourd comes in several different styles. Natural yellow and with hand-painted designs. Each is woven and bound with a wax cord and was hand-crafted by Jeremy Walsh. 

The Poi Āwhiowhio is a small gourd with holes attached to a string and twirled to create a bird-like sound. The gourd called a 'hue' is a marrow-like vegetable brought to Aotearoa and cultivated by Māori. Dried and hollowed gourds had many uses. They were used as musical instruments, containers for water, preserved food and the smaller ones were used as perfume containers.

**If you choose a gourd with no binding per the photos please email us your preferred colour at contact@sandscarvingstudio.com. Otherwise we will choose a colour that suits. Available colours include: muka (tan), black, green, red and brown. **