Signature Kotiate Parāoa - Whalebone War Club

Sands Carving Studio


This double sided Kotiate Parāoa - New Zealand Whalebone Striking Club is adorned in its entirety with beautifully carved kōwhaiwhai patterns and inlayed pāua shell eyes. 

it is bound with a hand-braided natural fibre wax muka (tan) braided wrist tau (cord) with it’s end  embellished with feathers. 

This collectible one-of-a-kind piece was hand-carved measures 36.5 x 9.5 cm and comes with a custom made to order display stand. 

The Kotiate is a short thrusting weapon that was prized and also favoured by chiefs when speech-making. It is a uniquely shaped weapon, and noted for the carved notches on either side of the blade. The notches were used in a ripping action. The word kotiate literally means 'to divide, split in two'.

This piece was hand carved by Alex Sands