Parata Kaitiaki Wheku - Ruby Red Mask

Sands Carving Studio


This Parata Kaitiaki Ruby Red Wheku Mask was cast from an original wood carving by Michael Matchitt. It measures 17 x 13 x 4.5 cm and features a high gloss finish. 

Alert and watchful, a Kaitiaki or guardian watching over you…

 Parata is a human-style face, usually with moko (facial tattoo) to show status. With eyes alert and watchful, this parata can represent anyone significant to you, an ancestor or person who has influenced your life.

This very traditional form is a wheku - a representation of a powerful force or influence in our lives. The protruding tongue represents the power of kōrero - communication - to connect people, to clarify ideas, and to bring about understanding.

The long strokes of the chisel are called haehae, and the short angled lines in between are pākati, together forming an ancient design. 

This piece was hand carved by Michael Matchitt