Bone Wheku - Mask by Norman Clark

Sands Carving Studio


This Wheku piece was carved from bone and features beautiful moko patterns. 

Tā moko is the permanent marking or "tattoo" as traditionally practised by Māori.

This piece measures 52 x 40 mm and was carved by Norm Clark.

New Zealand native Norm Clark is a highly esteemed New Zealand carver known for his exceptional skills in traditional Maori carving. He has dedicated his life to preserving and promoting Maori art and culture through his intricate carvings.

With a career spanning several decades, Clark's work reflects a deep reverence for Maori traditions and spirituality, often incorporating symbolic motifs and ancestral themes into his pieces.

His mastery of wood carving has earned him recognition both nationally and internationally, solidifying his status as one of New Zealand's most respected carvers.


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