Kauri Gum Mura Ahi Mau Taringa - NZ Amber ‘Flame’ Silver Stud Earrings

Sands Jewellery House


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Handmade Kauri Gum Stud Earrings by Conrad Henderson, with Sterling Silver fittings. 

Kauri gum is sometimes known as New Zealand amber, it is the fossilized tree sap of the Kauri tree which is the corner stone of the indigenous forests of the upper North Island.

Each earring measures 1.3 cm in diameter. 

 By Sands Jewellery House and Conrad Henderson. 


Kauri Gum Care Instructions - 

What you have here is the fossilized resin of the Kauri Tree, a rare piece of history from Kauri Trees long gone.

It’s an amber not a stone so:

  • Keep it free from solvents eg. perfume
  • No extreme heat eg. dash of the car in summer
  • Not intended for everyday use eg. sports
  • Can be rejuvenated using olive oil in case of fading

A soft cloth can be used as a buffer (Using sideways, not circular motions) to maintain the gum’s original shine.

Treat your piece as a precious gem and it will last forever.

Written by Conrad Henderson (Kauri Piece Artist) - 0275692654

This piece was hand carved by Conrad Henderson